Package Graphics

Package description: Graphics


Class Summary
ArrayFunction Disregard this class. Data source for function values to plot function with the JAS plot widget.
DynamicXYDataset Dynamic Dataset for series (functions) on the same domain [x_min,x_max] sampled at evenly spaced points in this interval.
Flag Defines various flags.
Frame A javax.swing.JFrame with the ability to save the graphics in its only component to a file in various file formats.
JGraph JFrame able to display and save as a PNG file XYPlots of a number of function series (graps of functions y=f(x)) defined on the same interval [x_min,x_max] and evaluated at evenly spaced points in this interval incuding the endpoints.
PathFrame JFrame with the ability to render paths stored in an array.
Point Coloured pixel.
PointFrame JFrame with the ability to render plots of points plotted in up to nine different colours.

Package Graphics Description

Package description: Graphics

The class JGraph plots functions y=f(t) from discrete series of values contained in a java array and the class PathFrame displays the paths of a stochastic process. Simultaneous display of several graphs or paths in varying colours is supported.