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Curious about what happens on the exchange floor? Wonder no longer as Stephen Greenberg of Alaron Trading takes you into the pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: learn the order flow process and hear from runners, phone clerks, analysts & traders on what their jobs are really like.  


Staying on top of the job market and finding useful resources are only part of what you can do in this center. We've assembled workshops to help you figure out your career path, hone your resume, as well as practice those interviewing skills. Get hiring tips and the inside scoop from finance executives. Want to know what it's like to be an investment banker? Spend a day in the shoes of a trading floor specialist, a bank vice president, corporate financial analyst, or a financial planner --it's the closest way to get near the action without actually being there!


No doubt about it, quants are in hot demand again this year on Wall Street as valuation models become more complex and structured finance more prominent. From


Industry trends show strategic consulting firms specializing in finance deals have increasingly lured candidates away from investment banking

fund management to M&A analysis,opportunities abound for candidates skilled in spreadsheet and financial statements analysis.If you're into the numbers side of the game these careers may be for you:


in recent years. The finance world is not as insular as it once was as liberal arts backgrounds, engineering, and medical degrees are on the rise. If you have that creative bent and like to think on your feet check out these careers:

Fixed Income/Credit Analyst
Controller or Treasurer
Mutual Fund Analyst

Portfolio Manager
Stockbroker/Floor Trader
Investor Relations/Sales
Mergers & Acquisitions
Retail Bank Branch Mgr.