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Credit Analyst:
This is a common entry level job which requires that you evaluate business and consumer loan applications made to your bank. Your duties include projecting a company's future cash flow, evaluating its current financial soundness, visiting and interacting with financial people at businesses and dealing with lenders. You will learn a lot about business in this job. Your success in this job will depend on how detail-oriented you are, your knowledge of accounting and your ability to communicate.

Loan Officer:

This is a highly desirable job in banking which involves making loans to businesses and consumers. Being a loan officer requires that you have good selling skills, an ability to understand a business and a solid understanding of how banking works. Most people in upper management at banks were once loan officers.

Branch Manager:

You would be responsible for overseeing all activities at your branch including opening new accounts, loan origination, solving customer problems, foreign exchange and safe deposit boxes. Most importantly, you are responsible for establishing relations with customers. This job can be very satisfying, is never boring and requires you to be hands-on. Many bank managers start as tellers or customer service representatives. Key things go have for this position are customer service skills, empathy, quantitative ability, strong work ethic, organization and and a solid understanding of banking. Can move up to be a market manager and oversee branches in a market.

Trust Officer:

In this job you would deliver trust services, management consulting, financial products and advice to bank customers (often more upscale ones). This work will give you knowledge of business, investing, estate planning, taxes, probate law and will involve a lot of counseling.


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Mortgage Banker:

Your job will be to make mortgage loans to homebuyers and businesses. This involves heavy contact with real estate professionals, credit checks, and dealing with new buyers. Today, many loans are sold to other investors in the mortgage backed securities market. This job has a good future because an increasing percentage of the population is likely to buy a house in the future.

Other jobs in banking involve accounting, marketing and advertising, commercial card operations, securities transfer, wire operations, private banking, cash management services, installment loans, loan servicing, correspondent banking, personnel, operations and commmunications.