Class SFSMarkovChainImpl

  extended byProcesses.StochasticProcess
      extended byProcesses.MarkovChain
          extended byProcesses.SFSMarkovChain
              extended byProcesses.SFSMarkovChainImpl

public class SFSMarkovChainImpl
extends SFSMarkovChain

Implementation of SFSMarkovChain relying on * transition probabilities *

q(i,j)=Q[i][j-a[i]], a[i]<=j<=b[i],
* stored in an array Q[][]. * * @author Michael J. Meyer

Constructor Summary
SFSMarkovChainImpl(int T, int j_0, int N, int[] a, int[] b, double[][] Q)
Method Summary
 int a(int i)
          Defines SFSMarkovChain.a(int).
 int b(int i)
          Defines SFSMarkovChain.b(int).
 double q(int i, int j)
          Defines the transition probabilities SFSMarkovChain.b(int).
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Constructor Detail


public SFSMarkovChainImpl(int T,
                          int j_0,
                          int N,
                          int[] a,
                          int[] b,
                          double[][] Q)


* * @param T Number of time steps to horizon. * @param j_0 State at time t=0. * @param N States are j=0,1,...,N-1. * @param a SFSMarkovChain.a(int) array. * @param b SFSMarkovChain.b(int) array. * @param Q Array of transition probabilities.

Method Detail


public int a(int i)

Defines SFSMarkovChain.a(int).

Specified by:
a in class SFSMarkovChain


public int b(int i)

Defines SFSMarkovChain.b(int).

Specified by:
b in class SFSMarkovChain


public double q(int i,
                int j)

Defines the transition probabilities SFSMarkovChain.b(int).

Specified by:
q in class SFSMarkovChain