Class Call

  extended byOptions.Option
      extended byOptions.PathIndependentOption
          extended byOptions.Call
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public class Call
extends PathIndependentOption

Plain vanilla European call.

* *

Analytic Price: * All prices are discounted

prices, that is, * delta is the derivative of the discounted call price with respect to the * discounted price of the underlying and similarly for all the other greeks. * No assumptions are made on the underlying asset. It should be noted that * these analytic formulas are supported by theory only for nonstochastic * volatility assets.

* *

For the call a larger number of hedge weights ("deltas") are implemented. * The corresponding flags are defined in the calls call and we also have * routines to compute the hedge gains local to the class call. * The generality here is greater than in the cae of a general option. * For example we can simulate paths of the underlying both in the market * probability and the risk neutral probability.

* * @author Michael J. Meyer

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Call(double K, Asset asset)
          Initializes option price C[0] with the Monte Carlo price, * and sets hasAnalyticPrice=false.
Call(double K, Asset asset, int forget)
          Does not initialize option price C[0].
Method Summary
 double currentDiscountedPayoff()
          Payoff computed from discounted price path t->S^B(t) of the * underlying asset.
 double get_K()
          The strike price.
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Constructor Detail


public Call(double K,
            Asset asset)

Initializes option price C[0] with the Monte Carlo price, * and sets hasAnalyticPrice=false.

* * @param K strike price. * @param asset underlying asset.


public Call(double K,
            Asset asset,
            int forget)

Does not initialize option price C[0]. Is left to subclass

* * @param K strike price. * @param asset underlying asset. * @param forget dummy variable to generate distinct parameter signature, * assign any value.

Method Detail


public double get_K()
The strike price.


public double currentDiscountedPayoff()

Payoff computed from discounted price path t->S^B(t) of the * underlying asset.

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currentDiscountedPayoff in class Option