Package Examples.Array

Package description: Examples.Array


Class Summary
ArrayTiming Checks if contiguous triangular arrays are faster than standard 2D Java arrays, ColtMatrices and DenseDouble2DMatrices when used in a situation similar to Libor path simulation.
Loop Computing the sum over all x[i]*x[j], i,j=0,...,N-1 in two different loops which do exactly the same operations just accessing the array elements in different order.
MemoryTraffic Checks how the geometry of memory access in two dimensional arrays (row by row, column by column, random) impacts execution time.

Package Examples.Array Description

Package description: Examples.Array

This package contains programs which test the speed of various array structures. It is investigated to which degree accessor functions slow down array element access, if contiguous allocation in memory has benefits, how much faster it is for loops to traverse the structure in the way it was allocated in memory (typically row by row) than otherwise (column by column, completely random access). How much speedup can be obtained by remaining in the L2 cache as opposed to going into main memory.