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Trigger Class Reference

#include <Trigger.h>

Inheritance diagram for Trigger:

PjTrigger List of all members.

Detailed Description

Let T denote discrete time (number of time steps) to the horizon. The class trigger implements a family of integer valued stopping times , t=0,1,...,T. The equality means that s is the first time at which a certain event occurs.

Definition at line 61 of file Trigger.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool isTriggered (int t, int s)=0
virtual int nextTriggered (int t)=0
virtual ~Trigger ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Trigger::~Trigger   [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 75 of file Trigger.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Trigger::isTriggered int    t,
int    s
[pure virtual]

Returns true if and the trigger event occurs at time s.

Implemented in PjTrigger.

virtual int Trigger::nextTriggered int    t [pure virtual]

The first discrete time at which the trigger event occurs. No default implementation since typically a path will have to be computed forward to determine when that happens and the details are only known in the specific context.

Implemented in PjTrigger.

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