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Array.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Barebones array classes in dimension 1,2,3. Provides subscripting from arbitrary index base to enable indexing with indices which are natural for the intended application. If denotes the size of the array in dimension j then indexing from base means that the subscripting operator uses indices

in dimension j. The array elements are of type S and the default constructor for S is used to determine the size of these elements. On construction the array elements are initialized with the integer 0. Consequently 0 must be convertible to type S. This is useful if the array is populated with pointers where 0 signifies the null pointer.

To turn on subscript checking for out of range error #define SUBSCRIPT_CHECK. Note that this can slow down code using subscripting in innermost nested loops by a factor of ten or more.

S type of array elements.

Definition in file Array.h.

#include "TypedefsMacros.h"
#include <cstdlib>
#include <string>

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struct  SubscriptCheck
class  Array1D
class  Array2D
class  Array3D
class  LiborArray2D


typedef Array1D< RealRealArray1D
typedef Array2D< RealRealArray2D
typedef Array3D< RealRealArray3D
typedef Array1D< int > IntArray1D
typedef Array2D< int > IntArray2D
typedef Array3D< int > IntArray3D
typedef Array1D< long > LongArray1D
typedef Array2D< long > LongArray2D
typedef Array1D< unsigned
long > 
typedef Array2D< unsigned
long > 

Typedef Documentation

typedef Array1D<Real> RealArray1D

Definition at line 532 of file Array.h.

typedef Array2D<Real> RealArray2D

Definition at line 533 of file Array.h.

typedef Array3D<Real> RealArray3D

Definition at line 534 of file Array.h.

typedef Array1D<int> IntArray1D

Definition at line 536 of file Array.h.

typedef Array2D<int> IntArray2D

Definition at line 537 of file Array.h.

typedef Array3D<int> IntArray3D

Definition at line 538 of file Array.h.

typedef Array1D<long> LongArray1D

Definition at line 540 of file Array.h.

typedef Array2D<long> LongArray2D

Definition at line 541 of file Array.h.

typedef Array1D<unsigned long> UnsignedLongArray1D

Definition at line 543 of file Array.h.

typedef Array2D<unsigned long> UnsignedLongArray2D

Definition at line 544 of file Array.h.

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