To Install FinCoach™ run

note: FinCoach™ is not compatible with WindowsNT or MacOS


FinCoach is a system to learn finance by practice. FinCoach covers topics on valuation basics that are primarily covered in your core finance course. The software consists of an Intelligent Coach and seven key support units:

1.FinText - Electronic textbook on Financial Valuation Basics and related topics in Corporate Finance 101.
2.FinHelp - Context-sensitive help that is available when practicing Financial Valuation problems; provides general strategies and guidance on the topic being studied; allows in-depth study of related topics in a self-paced environment.
3.FinAide - Provides all mathematical formulae and expressions that are needed to solve a specific Financial Valuation problem presented by the Intelligent Coach.
4.FinDoc - Provides all problem-specific parameter values needed to solve the Financial Valuation problem at hand; even provides the actual solution of the problem upon request.
5.FinCalc - Built-in financial calculator mimics standard financial calculators; lets you practice and prepare for in-class tests and exams.
6.WorkSheet - Allows you to understand the relationship between the financial variables involved in a specific problem; allows sensitivity analysis and help in understanding interactions between financial entities.
7.GraphSheet - Graphical representation of the relationship between different financial variables involved in a Financial Valuation problem.

FinCoach has at its heart the Intelligent Coach which can operate in a Practice or Test mode.  The Intelligent Coach creates problems on the fly for any chosen topic.  Each and every problem is specifically customized for you rather than being picked from a database of problems.  
The Practice Mode in FinCoach allows students to practice problems on the following topics in Corporate Finance 101:


1.Valuation of Single Cash Flows
2.Valuation of Multiple Cash Flows
3.Valuation of Infinitely Many Cash Flows
4.Bond Valuation
5.Stock Valuation
6.Cost of Capital
7.Portfolio Diversification
9.Project and Firm Valuation


Each topic is further divided into sub-topics.  For example, Stock Valuation contains the following sub-topics:

1.Gordon Growth
2.Supernormal Growth
4.Growth Rate

In general, for any chosen sub-topic, two levels of difficulty exist: Basic and Advanced.  You can choose to practice problems from all sub-topics combined.


To Launch FinCoach™ select Start->Programs->Fincoach

If you're already running FinCoach™ hit the "Alt" + "Tab" keys