The key to being successful is to have discipline, be broad-minded and be willing to admit defeat if an investment goes against you. Many money managers buy and hold fixed income securities including mortgaged-backs, corporate bonds, munis, agency securities and asset-backed securities. Others focus on equities, including small stocks, large caps and emerging market stocks. Yet others work as financial planners, helping individuals work to develop a secure financial future. Unfortunately, it is hard to get started in money management. It is particularly hard to start working for the best money managers or a top mutual fund. Good places to start are in bank trust departments, state and local pension funds and in insurance companies. Many people cross over into money management after getting years of experience on the sell side of the business in investment banks. Perhaps one of the best ways to break in is on the marketing side. If you have the social skills and intelligence required to market money management services, there will be many companies interested in hiring you. To get started today, be sure to study portfolio theory, learn fixed income investments, take the CFA exam and, above all, learn the industry. And then, with a little luck, you will enjoy one of the most personally rewarding careers in the world of business: Money Management.



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