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ABA Directory, American Bankers Association, (202) 663-5000, Lists banks aroundthe country.

"A Bitter Lesson for Banks," Fortune, August 21, 1995, p. 54-55. Discusses the acquisition wave among banks and problems that arise, especially for Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh. If you are going to work for an acquisition-hungry institution be sure that you appreciate way things might go wrong for your employer.

American Bank Directory, ITP/McFadden Business Publications. (404) 448-1011. Will give you a directory of banks in your state for $22.

American Banker, This magazine carries lists of the largest banks, thrifts etc. in the United States. Good coverage of industry as well. (212) 943-5283.

"At the Top, Women Are Still At Bottom," United States Banker, October 1992, 29-35. Women accounted for only 47 of 1,676 top officers in banking. This partly reflect history where entry by women in banking was low, but also may reflect the culture of some institutions.

Banking: From Dull to Dynamic, by Sandra Reynolds, Bank of Boston, in Business and Finance Career Directory, 1993, pp. 67-76, Gale Research. (800)-877-GALE. Cost: $18.

Careers in Banking and Finance: How to Achieve Your Professional Goals, American Institute of Banking-California, (415) 392-5286. Describes many jobs in banking and their prerequisites.

Careers in Finance, by Trudy Ring, VGM Career Horizons, Lincolnwood, IL., 1993, 1-800-323-4900. This book has an extensive section which talks about what work in banking is like and what types of people enjoy banking.

"Clueless Bankers," by Terence Pare, Fortune, November 27, 1995, 150-160. "America's banks are becoming dinosaurs. There is a survival strategy (financial services), but bankers haven't got a clue."

Careers in Mortgage Banking, by Mortgage Bankers Association of America. In the Business and Finance Career Directory, 1993, Gale Research, p. 77-79. (800)-877-GALE. Cost: $18.

"Here Comes Hugh: He's Tough. He's Predatory. He's Aiming to Make NationsBank No. 1.", Fortune, August 21, 1995, p. 43-52. An entertaining and revealing story and Hugh McColl, CEO of NationsBank, and his strategy to grow. Discusses the merger wave in banking as well.

How to Get Ahead in Accounting, Finance and Banking, Robert Half International, Contact your local office for a free copy of this informative brochure or call the corporate office at (415) 854-9700.

"High-Tech Finance Jocks Thrive Amidst the Downsizing," American Banker, January 5, 1995, p. 1. Lurid prose: "While the banking industry was slashing mid-level and back-office jobs last year, it was in hot pursuit of highly skilled financial technicians, investment bankers, marketers, and risk managers. Commanding six-figure salaries and perks that ranged from cars to club memberships and hefty stock option packages, these specialities were among the only areas of job growth in an industry rocked by consolidation and restructuring."

The Insider's Guide to the Top 20 Careers in Business and Management: What it's Really Like to Work in Advertising, Computers, Banking, Management and More, Tom Fischgrund, Editor, McGraw Hill, 1994. Has a nice chapter on banking careers from the practitioners' perspective.

Moody's Bank and Finance Manual, Annual volume lists extensive information on thousands of banks and finance companies around the U.S. Found in most business libraries.

Opportunities in Banking Careers, by Adrian Paradis, VGM Career Horizons, Lincolnwood, IL, 1993, 1-800-323-4900. Provides and overview of the banking industry and infromation on educational requirements, employment opportunities, salaries and advancement opportunities.

Resumes for Banking and Financial Careers, by the Editors of VGM Career Horizons, Lincolnwood, IL, 1994, 1-800-323-4900. Has sample cover letters and resumes appropriate for applying for a job in banking.

"Wall Street: The Road Less Traveled?", Wall Street and Technology, August 1994, p. 56. Some of the most successful people in commercial and investment banking develop quantative trading systems using sophisticated software. An interesting career option for IS-oriented people.

What About Banking?, American Bankers Association, (202) 663-5000. Discusses career options in banking, qualifications and salaries.

"Who Wins Home Banking?", Forbes, August 14, 1995, p. 163. Will Microsoft (or Intuit) end up as the dominant force in banking? This article by Richard Shaffer, a technology consultant, argues not. Other larger banks already are well-positioned for home banking.


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