My books in Analytical Finance

In 2003, Professor Dmitrii Silvestrov asked me to teach for the Analytical Finance program, Mälardalen University. He asked me to teach how to value financial derivatives and how to manage the risks when trading these kinds of instruments. Since I love to teach I could not resist this amazing possibility, especially since this was an international program with students from all over the world.

The name of my course was Analytical Finance, the same as the name of the program. Later, the course became two, Analytical Finance I and II where the first course covers the derivatives on the equity market and the second derivatives on the interest rate market.

Today these courses are two of the main courses at the master program Engineering Finance. Still, most of my students are internationals. In the early 2000, many students came here from China and South America. The resent years many students come here from Africa and Asia. Some students are from the USA and European countries.

It has been an honour to teach all these students and to supervise many of them for their Bachelor and Master theses. One of my first students from China, that I'll never forget is Mai Xin. One day he found my own notes and told me he liked them. They were written in Swedish, so he did not understand all the text, but he saw the math. He then asked me to translate the notes to English. My answer was that this was a too big a job, it was more than 150 pages.

The time passed and I could not forget his idea, so I began a translation. Today I'm very grateful for Mai's words. My notes grew to lecture notes that I have been using as the literature for both of my courses. In 2016, my lecture notes were more than 1200 pages. During all these years, I worked at many places and learned more and more about financial instruments, market data, risk and regulations. During the financial crisis when Lehman Brothers defaulted I was the head of Market- and Counterparty risk at Swedbank.

In the summer 2015 I was asked by Palgrave Macmillan to publish my lecture notes. I liked this idea very much so I accepted. In the beginning of 2017 my first book was published. Therefore I cannot share it here, on my web. The book can be bought at Palgrave, Springer, Bokus, Adlibris and many others. On Amazon you can also look inside, to see parts of the book.

During the summer 2017, Palgrave/Springer plan to publish the second book. The first book, Analytical Finance: Volume I, The Mathematics of Equity Derivatives, Markets, Risk and Valuation covers the course Analytical Finance I and the second, Analytical Finance: Volume II, The Mathematics of Interest rate Derivatives, Markets, Risk and Valuation cover the course Analytical Finance II.

Later I will publish, here, Power Point slides and software that can be used by teachers. I will also write and publish a third book with problems and solutions that can be used by teachers and students.